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NFC Playoffs… It’s Anyone’s Guess

NFC Playoffs

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It seems like ancient history since the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers dominated the NFC playoffs on their way to creating dynasties. In the time that has passed, the tide of power has clearly shifted from the NFC to the AFC, and it is long odds that the NFC will return to glory any time soon.

NFC Playoffs – Endangered Species

Marred by preseason controversy, the Philadelphia Eagles, the darlings of last years NFC playoffs, face an uphill battle on the road to the NFC playoffs this season. But the struggle won’t come from the other teams that make up the NFC east; it will come from within the Eagles organization. While the on field chemistry between quarterback Donavan McNabb and wide receiver Terrell Owens seems unchanged, the two men remain at odds outside of the gridiron. Owens, who opens himself up for controversy as much as he does timely passes, will once again be a distraction that could ultimately hinder the Eagles on their run to the NFC Playoffs.

NFC Playoffs – The Return of Gray Beard

If Brett Favre has it his way, the Packers will represent the NFC north in the NFC playoffs this year.  The graying Favre, who has tossed about the ‘retirement’ word in recent years, undoubtedly will remain unsettled unless he ends his career on a high note with the Packers, taking them deep into the NFC playoffs and preferably into the Super Bowl.  Despite competition from Minnesota, the NFC north might be ripe for the picking by the Packers, but few are betting that they can survive outside of Lambeau Field.

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NFC Playoffs – Vick Lighter

The Atlanta Falcons seem to be the only team in the NFC playoffs march to have kept the fire lit from last season, even while the starters are watching from the sidelines.  And while a preseason record of 4-1 means nothing, Atlanta displayed a tenacity that could finally move them to the front of the line through the NFC playoffs and into the Super Bowl.

 NFC Playoffs – No Cinderella Here

The overall ugliness of the NFC is bottled neatly in one division, the NFC west, where, with the exception of San Francisco, anyone could advance to the NFC playoffs, even with less than stellar records. Last year the Seattle Seahawks entered the NFC playoffs by taking the west with a record that couldn’t even boast 10 wins. The Rams took and even less impressive .500 record out of the NFC west and into the NFC playoffs.

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Beating the Odds

 The only sure bet for the NFC is that they will face long odds against the AFC more times than not, including in the Super Bowl. To help you cash in on the action, Cybersportsbook offers the latest odds and betting lines on NFL football, right up through the NFC playoffs. Whether you prefer weekly, game time, or futures wagering, Cybersportsbook makes it easy to wager on your NFL favorites, with easy online and phone access and quick payouts of your winnings.

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