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Stanley Cup Odds & Lines

The New Chase for the Stanley Cup

After what seemed like a lifetime delay to players and fans, the quest for the Stanley Cup will once again be underway come October, and the new road to the Stanley Cup may seem as difficult to follow as the negotiations between the players and owners.

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Stanley cup and NHL Odds and Lines

The new chase for the Stanley Cup starts with a salary cap.  A structure that will ultimately save and resurrect hockey, a salary cap in the NHL was way over due.  For fans that were accustom to seeing players spend their careers with one team, they better get used to memorizing new rosters every year to know who could be playing in the Stanley Cup.

Players who were accustom to making Stanley Cup runs with the same group of guys every year will have to lean to establish chemistry fast as the guy you dropped the gloves with this year could be your teammate next year.

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In an effort to make the game more exciting for fans, new rules will govern the run for the Stanley Cup, leaving trap coaches to rethink their defenses or rack up penalty minutes for obstruction  in this new, more wide open style of play.

While the European born players, who are accustomed to a high speed finesse game, should embrace the type of hockey that needs to be played to make the Stanley Cup finals, odds are that the North American born players, who are more accustom to mucking it up, will be challenged to rethink and relearn a playing style that is, well, foreign to them.

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With the legality of the two line pass, tagging-up to counter an offside call, and redefined conditions governing icing, it is clear to see that players are going to need stronger legs and lungs if they hope to have their name on the Stanley Cup.

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