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Help Getting Started

  1. Logging In
  2. Fun Mode login
  3. Real Money Mode login
  4. Bet Casino Lobby
  5. Options
  6. Multiplayer Modes
  7. Cashier
  8. Depositing Money
  9. Withdrawing Money
  10. Transaction History
  11. Credit Card Limitations
  12. Comp program
  13. Contact Us

1. Logging In

BetCasino features two gaming modes: Fun Mode and Real Money Mode. You can play in Fun Mode for practice or play in Real Money Mode when you're ready to place actual monetary bets.

  • Fun Mode allows you to play for virtual money - you bet, win and lose nothing but virtual dollars. No real money is involved and you do not need a Credit Card to play. You do not need to be connected to the Internet to play in Fun mode. The extent of Fun mode play is not limited in any way.
  • Real Money Mode allows you to play for real dollars. You are required to have a valid real money source (such as a Credit Card or NETeller account) and you must be connected to the Internet. See the Cashier section of this help file for more information on depositing and withdrawing money to and from your casino account.

When using BetCasino for the first time, you need to create a CyberSportsBook account before logging in. There are two types of accounts - a Fun Mode account and a Real Money Mode account. Click on the topics below for more information on creating an account.

2. Fun Mode Account and Login:

Logging In:

When logging in to Fun Mode, you will be prompted to enter your CyberSportsBook username, nickname (optional) and password. If you enter a nickname, it will be displayed to other players in the casino, when playing in Multiplayer Mode. If you check the Remember password box, the computer remembers your password and fills it in the next time arrive at this screen. This way you do not have to type it in every time you use the casino. Beware, however, that anybody using your computer will be able to log in under your account!

Online and Offline: You can play in Fun mode both online and offline. When playing in Online Fun Mode, you are connected to the Internet. You can play in multiplayer mode and chat with other players as you would in Real Money Mode.
When playing in Offline Fun Mode, you are not connected to the Internet and therefore the chat, multiplayer, and private group options are not available. You will also receive a message stating that a connection to the server cannot be established. Also, an icon in the casino lobby indicates whether you are online or offline.

3. Real Money Mode Login:

Logging In:

When logging in to Real Money Mode, you will be prompted to fill in your CyberSportsBook username, nickname (optional), and password. If you enter a nickname, it will be displayed to other players in the casino, when playing in Multi-Player Mode.


4. BetCasino Lobby

The lobby contains game icons (clicking on a game icon starts the corresponding game) and a button for the BetCasino Cashier. Certain information is displayed here as well: the mode in which you are playing (for real money or fun), your current balance and an indicator to let you know whether you are Online or Offline.

BetCasino currently offers a total of 58 different casino games. The lobby displays a game menu, where some games are grouped according to their type. Click on a game name in the menu to start it. Some games ask you to specify a bet amount (click the value of the coins you want to bet) or multi – player mode. There are two types of games: table games and machine games.

Above is an example of the game menu. The particular one that is highlighted stands for Blackjack. Some table games can be played in multi-player or private group mode. Read the section on multi-player modes for more information.

Above shown is the Cashier miniscreen. It displays your current balance. Virtual money is shown when you play in Fun Mode. Click on the Cashier button to enter the Cashier. It enables you to deposit or withdraw money (real or virtual), see the transaction history and manage your Comp points.

Links and buttons in the lower right corner have the following functions:

Contact Us: Displays the BetCasino contact information.
Latest Promotions: Opens an URL with the latest information on BetCasino promotions and news.
Help: Opens the online help file, which you are reading right now.
Options: Opens a window where you can adjust volume, speed, sound, and screen size. See the Options section of this help file.
Exit: Closes BetCasino.


5. Options

You can customize your game environment by adjusting:

Game Options:

Game Speed
Drag the slider to the right or left to increase or decrease the speed of the multimedia animations used during the games.

Disable DOUBLE UP in Video Poker
When this box is checked, the double, half-double and collect buttons do not appear on the screen, you have to press the ones on the machine itself.

Use large cards in card games
When this box is checked, cards are displayed double their original size (in table games).

Play slots in ZOOM mode
In ZOOM mode, the reels, buttons and the winning table are displayed larger.

Full screen
Select this to display your game over the entire screen. When this option is not selected you will see the Casino displayed in a midsize window.

Audio Settings:

Sound volume
Drag the slider to the right or left to lower or raise the volume.

Select this to enable ambient sound effects - machine noise, cards being dealt, dice rolls, etc.

Select this to listen to background music while you play.

Dealer voices
Select this to hear the dealer speaking while you play. The sound option must also be selected in order to hear the dealer.
6. Multiplayer Modes

Some games feature the following Multiplayer Options:

You can play with up to two other players who are online.

Single Player
You play alone at the table.

Private Group
You can join or create a group that up to two other people can join.

7. Cashier

In Real Money Mode, click Cashier to deposit or withdraw money. You can also view your entire transaction history from inside the cashier. In Fun Mode, use the Cashier to deposit or withdraw virtual dollars to your account.

8. Deposit Cashier

There are several methods available for transferring money into your Casino account; click on the Sports Book Deposit tab and then on the buttons in the menu ribbon of the deposit screen to select a payment method. If you choose to pay by credit card, you need to register your credit card(s) before you can use it (them). To transfer funds from your Sports Book account, please click on the Sports Book Transfer to transfer money to your casino account.


9. Withdraw Cashier

You can transfer funds from your Bet Casino account at any time to Sports Book Payment System. To transfer funds, please enter the amount and click the Transfer button.

10. Transaction History

The Transaction History allows you to view all financial transactions performed through the cashier section of the casino. All withdrawals and deposits, approvals and declines, using all available methods, including Comp points to balance conversions, are listed here. Select the desired range of dates and click the View History button to perform a search.

11. Credit Card Limitations

BetCasino is bound by the Credit Card companies own limitations and can therefore only refund winning amounts to the player's Credit Card up to the amount initially deposited using that Credit Card. Account money that was not originally deposited by credit card can be returned to the player via a bank draft or wire transfer.

12. Comp Points

Comp Points (i.e. complementary points) are rewards given to valued customers based on their wagered amounts. You don't have to be a "high roller" to earn Comp points.
Every Bet Casino player is automatically enrolled in the VIP Player Club where you earn points with each bet you make - regardless of whether you win or lose. The points are granted based on the amount you bet while playing. The higher your VIP level, the more points you get for each $1 bet. You can accumulate these points and then convert them to real money.

To view your current Comp Points: click the Cashier button and click the Comp Points icon. An up-do-date total of your points is displayed.

To convert Comp Points to real money: just click the Convert To Real Money button. The money is deposited to your casino account immediately. The conversion ratio is also displayed.

Note: Comp Points are only earned and paid out only to Real Money accounts.

13. Contact Us

Service and Support

Our Customer Service is on stand-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have.
You can contact the Customer Service Center by phone, fax, or e-mail.

Support by e-mail

We guarantee a response to all e-mail requests within 25 minutes.
To help us provide you with the best service possible, please choose the e-mail address that addresses the kind of help you require: Customer Support Services and General Inquiries Inquiries requiring management services

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