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 NHL Betting


NHL Betting

NHL Betting is our specialty. When betting the NHL, most people are familiar with the straight line wager, a bet in which the favored team must cover the points spread to win or the underdog, who is spotted a certain number of points, must win outright or not lose the game by more than the points spotted.  What many people don’t know is that there are many other exciting NHL betting options, adding to the thrill every time someone crosses the opposing blue line with the puck!

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Fans of the NHL have probably heard the term over / under. NHL betting of the over / under is similar to betting pass / don’t pass on a craps table.  Odds makers predict the combined goals that teams will score during a NHL hockey game. Bettors place a wager on whether the total combined goals scored per game by both teams will be higher (over) or lower (under) than the odds maker’s predictions.  If the over / under for the opening game between the Bruins and the Canadians is 4,  betting correctly that the total score of the NHL game will be higher or lower than the posted over / under will produce a NHL betting winner.

NHL betting of the money line is as simple as picking who will win the game, with no points spread involved.  In many games where the teams competing are unevenly matched, say a division leading Tampa Bay team playing at home against a lesser seeded Phoenix team; NHL betting on Tampa Bay may be a solid money line bet. The same holds true when NHL betting involves the NHL playoffs. When early rounds of the playoffs match top seeded teams against NHL teams with a less impressive record, betting the money line on the top seeded NHL team is likely to be a winning pick.

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Another exciting NHL betting method is the parlay. A parlay is betting on more than one team to win.  The payout odds are determined by the number of teams bet on for a particular day of NHL hockey.  Say the odds for picking 5 teams correctly is 20 – 1 and a bettor wagers $10.00 on a 5 team pick. If a fan of NHL betting wagers on the Rangers, Avalanche, Stars, Blackhawks, and Canadians to win, and all five teams win their respective games, the bettor would win $200.00.

Future NHL betting, as the name implies, is placing a bet on a future event, such as betting on who will make the NHL playoffs, or who will advance through the NHL playoffs to the Stanley Cup finals.

Exotic NHL betting is any type of wager placed on a NHL hockey game that is considered outside of mainstream NHL betting and is specific to a certain game, such as betting that Jeremy Roenick will lead the Kings in points in a NHL game against Nashville or that the Flyers will post more penalty minutes in a NHL hockey game against cross-town rivals, the Penguins.

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Cybersportsbook offers a variety of NHL betting angles to fans of the NHL, adding to the excitement of the NHL hockey and helping to immerse fans deeper into the games as they cheer for teams, players, and other outcomes.

Enhance your NHL betting experience today by placing a wager with Cybersportsbook! With easy access, quick payouts and sign-up bonuses, Betting with Cybersportsbook is a sure bet to add to excitement to the return of NHL hockey!

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